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Russian Phrases to Use When Dating Russian Women

A photo of a man and woman taking a stroll down a lake Make a good impression on Russian women by speaking some sweet phrases in their mother tongue. | Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels

With today's internet and technology, finding love is easier and more convenient than ever. With so many dating sites available, people can easily sign up and begin their search for a romantic partner. On a not so surprising note, Russian women remain a subject of interest to thousands of single men around the world.

There is a reason that men seek out these ladies. There are some stereotypes, whether true or not, that women in Russia are beautiful and sensual, and that is what initially attracts these men.

With online dating, however, men who wish to connect with single ladies often find that most of them are generally foreign, which could mean that they would have to be familiar with a particular language just so they can engage in a conversation with these ladies.

Language barriers can be difficult, but any man can overcome this. A Russian woman can learn English if she wants to, and a man can learn Russian if he takes the time to do so.

While learning a whole new language isn't easy, there are a few ways to show a willingness to learn. A man may not be able to understand or speak Russian right away, but he can familiarize himself with a few Russian phrases until he gets the hang of it.

  • U tebya krasivaja ulybka. / You have a beautiful smile.
  • We smile when we're happy, and it’s something that comes naturally and instinctively. A genuine smile is not something that’s practiced, it’s something that is simply done.

    So when a person genuinely smiles, it makes them light up in a way that you appreciate their beauty more. In the case of Russian women, the fact that they are already attractive shows that they can be even more captivating when they smile.

    You better believe that these ladies are aware of their stunning looks, so complimenting them on their smile would be an impressive way to get them to like you.

  • Ty krasivaja. / You are beautiful.
  • Compliments are part of dating. People tend to pay compliments to those they are on a date with. It’s just a standard part of courtship.

    As such, it’s only natural for men to compliment a woman on how beautiful she is. This is especially prevalent among those who are very impressed at how attractive their date is.

    See, most women spend quite a bit of time getting ready for a date. They pick out their clothes, fix their hair, do their makeup. Basically, getting ready for a date can be a time-consuming thing for them, so to tell them that they're beautiful would definitely let them feel that their efforts didn't go to waste.

    For all you know, the word beautiful can apply to a more general aspect. Say your Russian lady looks good, then you find out that she also has a decent and charming personality, so of course it would be normal for you to say how beautiful this woman is.

    Telling a Russian woman that she is beautiful can be what validates the time and effort she put into getting ready for her date with you.

  • U tebya krasivye glaza. / You have beautiful eyes.
  • The eyes are perceived to be the window to the soul, and to a certain extent, they can be a good indicator of how a person is feeling. With that, you can have a good idea whether the woman you're dating is having a good time with you or not.

    Eyes can also convey a bit of emotion. When a woman’s eyes are bright and shining, it can mean that she is in a good mood. Our eyes also tend to light up when we talk about something we are passionate about.

    This sentence can be akin to telling someone that they have a beautiful soul as well. Knowing how to please a Russian woman may not be your strongest asset, but giving her this kind of compliment would be a great start.

  • Ti takaya voskhitItel’naya. / You are so adorable.
  • When dating Russian women, it is generally considered important to give them compliments from time to time. However, these should not always be physical in nature. You wouldn't want your Russian date to think you're only after her for her looks.

    Other than telling someone that they look beautiful, you can also say something different yet similar. Say your lady talks in a cute manner and you can't help but think how adorable she is, so why not say that instead? This may refer to her overall character as well, so it's safe to say you aren't just referring to her physical appearance.

  • Ty vsegda v moikh myslyakh. / You are always on my mind.
  • When courting a Russian woman, you may not be able to meet her all the time. You start thinking about how both of you would make a great couple, and look forward to having some of the most romantic dates because that's how much you want to spend time with her.

    Then, when you do get to meet with her, you feel compelled to let her know that you are thinking of her, and that she constantly crosses your mind. Just make sure to keep it simple and at a minimum. Avoid giving the impression that you're obsessed with her.

  • Ya tebya lyublyu. / I love you.
  • When you're still in the dating stage with someone, you should be extra careful about your timing when saying something like this. In Russia, women tend to be particular about the stage of the relationship they're in. Yes, they'd love to be with someone who genuinely loves them for who they are, but they wouldn't want it to be so sudden.

    Saying these words is a pretty big step, so be sure to time it right. Professing your love to someone can be tricky as there is a delicate balance involved, and that balance will vary from person to person.

    As much as possible, observe how your relationship is going, how your lady behaves during and after your dates, and how you both feel whenever you're together. Once you're ready to say these words, you can bet that she will melt at her knees and possibly feel the same way about you.

    Some people agree that a relationship should be at least a few months old before any of the two parties can express the words, "I love you," but then again, only you can say for sure when the right time is.

    Despite the number of Russian women dating foreign men these days, there's no telling how long their relationship will last. Believe it or not, language barriers are not that simple to deal with. Communication is very important in a relationship, so to have a smooth flow of conversation, you and your Russian lady would need to meet each other halfway.

    With that being said, don't focus on learning the entire language right away. Start with words and phrases, and soon enough you'll get the hang of talking to Russian women in their mother tongue. Take it slow, take it easy, and just have fun while you're at it.

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